The Pilgrim’s Preamble

This is not a story of success, but of waves of successes – some tiny and some gigantic –  and more importantly this is a story that is a testament to endurance and the power of prayer and having faith when there is no reason to and pushing into the darkness without a lamp.

This is not a story of illumination, but does have illuminations and ultimately has a resolution or at least a stab at a resolution. This is not a story of finding truth but of finding truths and glimpses of truth and having faith and having doubt.

This is my story, but this is your story too if you are a special needs dad, or know someone who is the father of a special needs child or, in many cases, if you have struggled with anything heartbreaking or heart-wrenching or felt cold clinging darkness hanging on your shoulders, even on the sunniest of days.

Some may call this blasphemous or too real or too raw. But, before you cast any stones, read the bluntness of Job, the raw evocative accusing of David, the candidness of Christ.

With that read, you’ve probably deduced that this site does contain elements of Christianity. I do not pronounce myself an amazing pious Christian who has a monopoly on Truth and is filled with answers and radiate glory and optimism.

I am a believer though most of the time, though my faith I hesitate to admit owes as much as to Pascal’s Wager as to mysticism and miracles. I do the best I can, some of the time. I believe that grace, mercy, love and hope are what the Good News is all about and I lean on those more than any doctrine, dogma or other creed.

In other words, when I talk about the Bible and Christ, I say it as someone who is broken, but believes there can be mending.  I do not claim to know everything, but, at the same time, I am not naïve or ignorant of science or Aetheism (am a former aetheist myself), or the myraid of humanistic philosophies or moral relativism.


My youngest son – who l refer to as ‘A’ on this site – was born in 2007 with an array of disabilities, most notably, missing part of his fifth chromosome referred to as ‘cri du chat’ and having a partially developed corpus callosum.

You can read the details in the links provided above, but, in a nutshell, we were informed he would be severely disabled his entire life and probably would not walk or talk.

That was where our journey began. Across this site, you can find where it has led me and where it is still leading me and about the great progress A has made during these years on the planet, thanks to many amazing people in our lives.

I decided to launch this site/blog as a resource for any special needs dads who are suffering, searching or just want some companionship on this journey.

A final disclaimer: This has no reflection and is not affiliated with my employer or any clients of mine. You can contact me at and also follow this blog on facebook. If you want to know more about me, you can visit my personal page at here.