Dear God,

Today I pray for those of us who will travel long on little sleep. Who must explain to relatives why their child won’t eat. We pray for those who want to visit and laugh, but instead have to walk the halls or the yard or even take a ride in the car.

I pray that if something is meant to be broken it will be something unsentimental and cheap. That if someone’s hair is to be pulled it will be the least dramatic of the group and certainly, please God, not great-grandma when she only wants to give a hug. Most importantly, may any poop stay contained in the diaper and occur AFTER the meal.

Please let there be something our kids like to play with whether it be Paw Patrol or grandpa’s foot massager.

Please let our child do at least one cute thing that will make Grandma feel like her prayers mean something.

Please help us to be quick to forgive silly arguments, snide comments and well-meaning cliches.

And God, though this day may sometimes be hard, let us view THIS Thanksgiving through the lens of the surreal and of good humor – that any idiosyncrasies will be inside jokes and any horror stories will simply be a great story to tell our SN friends.

May this Thanksgiving be full of thankfulness, and peace and love- unconditional love- which is the specialty of people like us.    Amen