I cannot stress enough how important it is to find a healthy outlet. An outlet for your anger, frustration. An outlet for a way to not only channel these swells of emotions, but also to find an outlet for escape. Pure escapism in itself is tempting. A quick drink, a TV binge, the desire to plunge into any easy sedative to ease the stress and pain is always there. But I recommend something stronger. More constructive.

Like what? Exercise for example is a great fighter against depression. You’ve got these emotions and the best thing one can do is channel them. I find that exercise not only provides a good way to release any pent up emotions, but, of course, it is healthy as well.

Art is another option. Yeah, I know not everyone is an artist per se. (I love making music and it saves my life some days). But even flinging paint against a canvas and then setting it on fire is better than simmering in unresolved emotion. Art is wide open to interpretation. And that leads me to landscaping. Hate gardening? Okay. Well then find some trees that need cutting down. And use an old axe. And don’t be afraid to unleash a yelp when you fell the tree. Trust me, you will feel better for it and the neighbors can get over it.

There are tons of other outlets that I won’t cover, but my point is find something constructive for a distraction, a release, an escape. Hiking. Golf. Woodworking. Otherwise, the temptation is to sit in your despairing state or, worse, turn to quicker and easier means of pleasure to ease the pain on this journey.